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Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Time:6:12 pm.
im back!
now im 26 and i have to live in montreal until august and now its april
today i was biking home from looking for a bike helmet i left in a bus
and some french kids threw a rock at me and i gave them the finger
and then one big kid chased me on his bike and he said
"dont say fuck you to me fuck you!"
and i said
"but your friend threw a rock at me he was asking for it"
and he threw a paper ball at me and said
"its not rock its paper stupid idiot"
"how am i supposed to know, you cant throw rocks"
and he said "stupid fucking stupid"

and all day id been listening to pod casts about kids in liberia being raped because of civil war and lawlessness and aristotle and reason
and so i was like uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Time:4:15 pm.
Today is only 415 so far. in my backyard there is a silk couch that is right now in the rain.
Im at work. Which is at Matt Macdonalds house. He has autism and cerebral palsy.
I cooked 2 meals. did 2 laundries.
It's hot.
I have a chin up bar at home now.
yesterday night at midnight me and steve thomas ran to the cn tower and back.
Yesterday I saw Batman. before the movie the teenagers besides me said
"boobs boobs boobs everyones got boobs, but who has 'good' boobs?"
"look at that guys beard, he better be on his way to the bathroom to shave that shit off right now"

then after the movie they got up and said
"best picture"
"that rocked"

i have a $800 phone bill from when i went to paris.

yesterday when i was biking to eat soup somewhere late my tire POPPED but it was loud like a gun.

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Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Time:4:35 am.
im bACK
hi livejournal. today was the ccraziest day.
i woke up
laura and i had a muffins,
matt king was in the alley and we talked like jocks about zeesys GRANT shes giving to the best idea with lots of chest hard jabs uhh
rozasia had to play the ottawa blues festival
we drove to ottawa in lauras van.
we got to ottawa, everything is clean, and there are alot of very conservative woman walking around and soldiers. not many men. big sky.
OTTAWA! also in the fest was snoop dogg, fergie, brian wilson, uhhhhhhhhh
so we got there and we had to set up in a the ottawa war museum which was shaped like a wierd building,
and then we setup in a theatre that was like playing in a famous players theatre
and when we played there were really fancy strobes on the whole time
and they gave up towels folded into squares and bottles of water on stage
and we played and they recorded it and made a record of it,
and it was reallllly sloppy and i hurt my arms and fell over
and we got $1500!
then we saw hayden
when hayden was done and was walking around people would LOOSE IT
people would wait till he was facing the other way and yell I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOOOUOUUO!!!!!!!!!! he was a attention vaccume
then we saw brian wilson. he was like a grey ghost mummy, and then things screwed up, so to the giant audience of thousands all the sound cut out, but the band and lights didnt know so
they kept going and when it was like that you could tell it was totally ocestrated,

then i drove home and was tired and almost crashed
and after droping everyone off i went home,
but the parking space was taken, and i drove around and around,
and by the time i finally found one i couldn't turn the inside lights off and it was 4:30 am!
and then things got sooooooo o o ooo oo crazy that
when i ran home i had to wash my clothes in the shower, and take a shower and scrub the floor
all before going to bed

why?? duh duh duh
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Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Time:12:48 am.
this morning at 10 am my dad broke his ankle walking the dog and he is in the hospital and has to have surgery tommorow morning and i am ALONE on christmas eve watching huricane katrina documentries and it's alllllllllllright,

it's the first christmas eve alone.
it was going to be me and my dad at 'rockin docks' for christmas breakfast,
i think though i like it more liek that
spending christmas at rockin docks for fries feels better, you know?
when i was making my dads bed i was thinking that nothing is really bad unless you get MURDERED
well lots of things are bad but most things arnt
nothing is bad or good you just experience it and then can think in some different way about it, right?
even if you get your hand caught in a stove fire
and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
this is my livejournal i can write about anything i please.
microwave veggable dinner caserol, and boiled egg NOODLES
it sure is different in the suburbs
the floor is solid
19 major sure is shitty,
when you jump at 19 major the framed pictures on the wall bouce up and down
the neighbor here
once yelled at me and glenn for playing electric guitars in the lobby,
and then today he asked me if i still eat 12 yogurts at a time,
and his daughter is strange
i guess shes 18 now or something,
but when i first saw her she was 13 or somethinhg
and she is so shy she will stare at a brick wall when you talk to her dad
and then today i talked to her dad and she turned away and stared at a aluminium BOX,
this house is h u u u u ge, and my dads been trying to sell it since JANUARY but the economy went haywire so he
can't so he has this h u uu u ge house and gets ladies to
come in with prop furniture to 'fix' the house
so someone will want it more,
so hes lived in this house with thier fake set ups for months that he can't touch, and everything looks like a shitty fresh restaurant, with budas and wicker matts
and they repainted every room to beige, so to sell a house
you make it as neutral as possible with no character
and then i was thinking if thats the same for peoples faces
and if you are the most approachable with no nothing, no haircut decisions,
or hat, or colorful shirt, or mustache
but glenn told me when he had a mustache girls would come up to him on the subway, so it made him more approachable, so i have grown a mustache and so far i am not more approachable i
i really have no idea at all im just saying
merry christmas to everybody!
oh ya i have to pick 3 people for tramp hall, but everyone ive picked have said
"sounds stupid"
ha ha!
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Monday, December 24th, 2007

Time:4:36 am.
imagen if people sharpened their beaks on the ground all the time like birds all the time you know? someone should make a clear winter coat
all a sudden the smashing pumpkins are the best band har har whatever i like it alot
and i think its romantic and not narsty i have an idea!
billy just said "who wants some honey" i guess that's gnarsty
i watched 'the pumpkins' on yourtube
i went to the psychology book store and got a book for myself on how adults with adhd can function in society, i mean how to apply hyperactivity disorder to USEDUFL
i also got my mom a book for christmas on mid life crisis, called something i forget, how to forfill the second half of your life , but it was better then that, and not i feel old! but more we'll now what are you going to do! my finger isnt infected but ive probably smelt it to make sure 100 times in the last 100 seconds, billy just said "are you listening out there to anyone at all"
i have to pick 2 movies for our projected screen super sound movie night soon,
and it's making me want to pull over and puke, pull over, ive learned its more about
you get everyone you know into one room to watch a movie because watching movies is DEPRESSING now because you think you have better things to do, or you think that life never changes or something, so getting everyone i know into one room to watch a movie is GOOD but it can't be BAD or everyone will be DEPRESSED, i mean the movie has to be something everyone will feel hot wet pumping VIRILITY about, it can't be boring or you just wasted my tuesday night sitting with all these THINGS in this basement and i'm thinking about going back to SCHOOL becasue that movie was so OLD,
or something like that, i mean i was thinking i wanted to show little mermaid and beauty and the beast, but their not the same director, and i was thinking i wanted to show IT but that guy only directs TV i dont want to watch sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
i was thinking about the black couldron, or the spike lee movie about huricane catrina, but i havnt seen that, and
by someone different picking the movie all the time, the movies you pick then represents your SOUL it is your CHARACTER and you're LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE billy just said "i don't want you anymore" i'm working on something i'm so excited about! i'm working on a STORY according to matt smith buck meinaster Fuller stopped talking for a whole year because nothing he said was very intellegent, or he was just talking to sound smart, stop talking for a whole year!
and invent THE SHOWER

the last 2 seconds are the only good part
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Time:2:44 am.
i have an idea!
i cut my finger at work, and i will have a fingernail now that is deformed and there will be a scar down the middle of my nail, i mean a ridge, the finger will have 2 nails seperated by a skin ridge, very g-narst,
shouldnt be trying to post on here right now
i just ate borsk and its 3 in the morning
im downloading smashing pumkins
and i already downloaded from BLOGs
anyways in my borsk i ate NIKA cheese
which is a cheese i got in stratford wehn i went with matt and matts girlfriend nika
and in a store there they sell cheese named after her,
i have this written on my hand

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Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Time:1:38 am.
laura and i are both unemployed and its making us crazy. im so crazy! today i applied to be a street car driver, a secretary, and a subway tunnel repair apprentice. Yesterday i applied at the CITY dump for 'something entry level', the red path suger factory, the harbour front centre yaddy yadya ya yday i've applied to be a tree doctor, a mini train driver, a 911 receptionist, a 'heavy duty' janitor for CAMH (the mental health hospital) , a seniors home events organizer, a money mart CLERK, a 7/11 employee, and i can't get called back for anything, and i have no money and not even the second cup wants me, no job! once zoe told me about how she rented movies and they were of people getting raped and poo'd on or something, some really awful things, and she said 'why do i rent this stuff? why do i want to watch this stuff? am i a monster???" and stuff like that, for whatever reason zoe wants to watch movies where people poo on each other, i think is the same reason garbage man jobs are appealing. when i drove there i was out of the car and doing things like making gag faces, and making zig zags with my arms, and feeling crazy. or by being there you see crazy stuff, so it's an adventure right? i mean, there is some sort of an attraction to things you don't really like, for example my computer has miles and miles and miles of rock/hip hop, and french rap bands, aaaaaaand when ever i try to erase it, i dont
i think about some sort of future 'party' in the kitchen, where everyone is standing on the table or something and i would bring catastrophy by playing french canadian rap songs and it would be perfect and worth it, candels are reallly good, using a computer under candle light and it's snowing being cold is a priviledge,
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Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Time:4:00 am.
im so full of anxiety about doing FAVOURS all i can do it favours
it eats my life up entirely \maybe everyone feels this i dont know, but it is very frustrating, for exoample I was in a documentry this month as a favour to host it and find people for it and make 1000 decisions for it and it took like 60 days or something it took the end of summer and all fall to make it 60 days is ALOT of tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sundays holy! it's 20 tuesdays or something, in a row, then as a favour to show that documentry in a big party they got a big THEATRE for cheap, cheap because the theatre lady could then cash in a favour, so I had to make this movie as a favour, and then to help the movie throw a party i didnt beleive in as a favour, i had to agree to the theatre ladys FAVOUR which happened tonihgt, to do imrov skits with strangers ABOUT global warming as a favour at a party about global warming and read stories on a chair to drunk ladies on throw pillows as a favour whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????? ?????????????? ????????????????? ??????????????? ????????
no more favours.
parties are DUMB
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Monday, July 9th, 2007

Subject:horny frog.
Time:11:54 am.
jeeeeeeeeeeeez whatever
heres my day yesterday it was a crazy frog

i woke up and the whole house smelled like gas! and the generator i bought which has put me at minus 1700 in totall now in my bank account, i mean it didnt cost that much but that is now the state of my economic 'freak show' and then i didnt want to return it because
because it's useful? or something, anyways it leaked all night
and there was a GAS smell so i went to a mechanic and then the firefighters
and the fire fighters sleep in a big room with tiny cotts the size of my old bed, and they had HUGE weights and axe art on the walls

the solution is BLEECH i learned, pour BLEECH

then i went to the CHAIR factory with wes allen, to scope for a theatre night i think, and its all boarded up so it was a adventure to get in, which i got in, and then to get out, i had to crawl out a crack in a smoke stack
ha ha! then we went to an abandoned lin seed oil factory, which was completely covered in graffiti and it rained so we went to the quality inn
which is a 50 year old chinese diner and he served us ketchup that expired in 2002 but i guess thats 1/2 the reason why you go there,

then i went to see a fringe show of the loner show, but missed it by 4 minutes and so instead i biked to the movie theatre
and saw a hertzog movie for free because i have negaltive money and when that happens you go out alot because you can sneak into anything, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd
now nikkis here so im going to have her take me out to get a tea or something

but uhh ill wrtie in here more beyeybbeybyebyebyebyebyebybeybyebyebey bad ending ebyeybebybyebyebyeybebyeybeybeybebyebyeybbeybyeybebyebyeybeybeybeby
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Time:2:22 am.
does anybody still read this???
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Friday, April 6th, 2007

Time:1:46 am.
im so tired and ill and illl...
i right now am finishing a jar of honey i got from the equator from a lady i house sat
i ate something like 2 litres of honey since february?
or someeeeeething

the world is making me crazy
but im okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

today i woke up sick
and did laurndry and ate lunch with amy bowles
then slept for a long time and hung out with her baby and then
it was dark out and then thomas did my tarrot cards and i made tea and now its 2 am

on april 22 is no face no problem chinatown!
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Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Time:1:09 am.

hello livejournal!

i just played in a band called zz sherah.
they opened for a band called hella.
it was a big bit shitty. but a big free jazz mess.
but it was ok. i set up the life of a craphead booth.
im so tireed. i have a peice of mirror in my foot, and its been there for 2 days.
im sot t t tired.
so so so so so so so. hello!
i work at a puppeteering job and make mad dollarzzz. and draw all day. yesterday i saw a open butcher truck with a huge pile of skinned goats.
i was sick for 4 days.
today as a puppeteer i played a jock named thorn and made him panic because someone came in with a chainsaw.
i drew a ninja turtle shooting a oozi and punching through another ninja turtle and they have human butts, i drew a lady shaving her legs, and i drew a comic around a guy shooting a gun.
now i have 4 days off.
im organizing another no face no problem show with laura and its in china town.
i havnt paid my rent yet because i lost a cheque for $1000 in my room.

oh ya, we went to mix our rozasia record
for the second time because the first mix went bad, and then we had to wait a month
and then we booked 4 days with a new good guy,

and 2 days ago we went in,
and had all our music on one harddrive
and then something happened
and the harddrive corrupted and we lost the whole record!

but then we tracked down one other copy of all of it but vocals
but for one night as far as we knew we lost the whole record!
ha! and now we have to wait another month and redo vocals
ooooooooh so bad!
ooooooh!im tired so goodbye!
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Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Time:11:25 pm.
i just got back from NYC where i did 3 things and ate nohting but doughnuts and i want to puke black in a bad way ok? when i was there i played THE LINCOLN CENTRE wif IN C., which we practiced at the press club for a few months and at the end we got a standing O
ooh la laaaaaaa aaaand so that was fancy as usual, and i was also there because life of a craphead did an art show in little portugese, which, is in a part of town where everything is sneaker stores rows and rows and blocks and blocks of sneaker stores and printed hoodies. it was marvelled. i also ate an omlet there and bought burned $3 on a bbq, andddddddd

ya! so we did that art show, and it was ok,
and we set up a new thing store and it was a hit
then the next day we got to set up out new thing store
at a Lightning Bolt, Barr, Marnie Stern, and the band that is playing with us and DDMMYYYY at over the top, something ssunshine, i dont rmemeber, but they played too and it was INCCCCCCCCCCCCCREADDDDDDDDDDDABLE
and there were Thousands of people there! Thousands all under 25 and we set up our arty store and BLEW MINDS WHOA soo

and then we stayed in this guys apartment and i broke a light and he kicked us out!

ya now im back ta da! ta da! who wants to go to sneaky dees right now and eat some poo-nan ok?????
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Sunday, March 4th, 2007

Time:3:49 am.
i want to make spider man 2 NOW
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Time:3:47 am.
uuuuuuuuuuuuhg why do i even BREATH anymore, i got so many girls phone numbers i have to sleep with my butt touching the ceiling light DOODA!
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Time:3:42 am.
immmmmmmmmmmmm smelling, i havnt done LAUNDRY in most likely a month, and im out of socks and underwear so im wearing pulled from the laundry bin long johns for the 4th day in a row, so i mean they were so many days in a row in their first life, that they were put in the laundry bin for a month, then they were pulled out and worn for 4 more days in the afterlife, which is now, and

i wanna have a tony tail NOW!
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Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Time:3:12 pm.
I preformed this!

The jelly lovers liquid oozers stiffed up so HUGE they oozed.
Their hard-on wad flingers dribbed bog drops that got caught in hot smelly spots, like bras. With arms overflowing with puffy female-huffers they horny-balled into the no-no lounge, and banged their swollen loabs into each others hot jelly. Clear-muck woofed out the wrong-end but made their sopping butt-vaccumes thunderclap-squirt. Where did the jelly time jelly go? Everything was going harder-core till a double penetrating wink made a suuuuuuuuuck sound so crackin' the blowfish got his rod woofed. Two-foot stink-lines cummed. Hard gagging pee-pee-ladies squat right on the juice bag. But without the round wobbling-ball the muff huffing soured and cream fountained from a jiggled fanny. Between trembles of their drum-tight legs the Lovers baby-cried over the boner-drone "how will the Hambone Hound huff wierd if his mouth-watering purple stopage has butt problems? The hambone hound eye-balled his bow-wow hole. In the bursting big-bra that is a puppies life, his winking bow-wow hole had boo-boo'd it's last deep rude funking. This Hambone Hound hauled his blown-out bow-wow hole to the BUTT-HUT, the barn that fixed butt-lips and blown-out bow-wow holes for pups. "oh wow my blown-out bow-wow hole goes ow ow ow it's ow ow now not wow wow wow wow, wow it's ow ow ow now"
Those hounds will gag like mutts on my holed out butt bone! My blown out bow-wow hole will bark with the best boys! Unfortunately, In the wee-wee wafting bubble-boob of hot gluey lady jelly, the Jelly Lovers had squat so loud, all that was h-blerd that day was bloo la la ooh la la ooh la la.

on sunday at my first real stand up comedy show, they liked it! i also sold mare in heat moose urine, no one bought it, things are so CrAzY right now, and im completely broke again, Zero Dollars, I've been to puppet work shops the last few days, learning how to puppeteer better from ytv guys and its pretty fun. Theres new guys there and they are way worse, so im not the worse anymore, but i still cant do any voices that dont sound like my voice sheeesh. Also I did IN C again, and on March 21 we're going to preform it at the lincon centre in new york city whooooa la la, ummmm also matt smith is opening for KONONO#1 this time around and he's made a band of him, rob gorden from from fiction, me and alia!! so i will get to open for KONONO#1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
also that week me and amy have an art show, so right now we're trying to build a bunch of crazy crap to bring there, likkkkkkkkkkkkkke a pressure treated laugh log, which is a log we laugh at for 24 hours and then you keep it in your house and it makes you feel funny or................... jeans with the crotches blown out by explosives which is the new fashion now, ooooooooor i dont remember, crazy crap, youll see.... i saw a play yesterday called diplomatic immunities and it was good, had lots of TECH SHIT you know fuckkkkkkkkkkin video screens and uuuuuuuuuuuuumpa also im planning this poetry/presformance show! for march and i can't figure out a name, but its going to be GOOD so far, its going to be at allan gardens on sunday march 11 or 18, at 1:30 in the afternoon and have stuff read/preformed by: me, amy lam, lou something, OFIR with the cd pants, laura macoy, chris locke, maybe this guy named Mark Connery, and maybe eugene and josh from the tangiers and maybe... this guy called the people of canada, i dont know. !!!! and this saturday i have to do a preformance art show. i think preformance art is SO IMPOSSIBLE and im really scared of it... but we'll see how it goes..... . ....also i pulled my phone out of the wall, and stopped eating chocolate, pop, since new years okkkkk
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Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Time:12:16 am.
im so stressed im going to kill its stupid ive been swearing soooo much i walk around swearing im so stressed out. i have a sliver in my foot i just realized, and theres no toilet paper here im so stressed i cant sleep anymore at night i just get tighter and tigher around the eye sockets and my adams apple sweats just stinks so then ill go into the bath to get sleepy and ill be so stressed it wont even work not even a bath ill just think what am i splashing around in this tub for this time then during the day ill sit down for 2 minutes and be snoring in no time exactly today i was snoring after sitting on a bed for 2 minutes and i woke up snoring and then i woke up grinding my teeth together like a mutt you get at the pound but thats ok i dont have any food because im starving i just ate 2 huge bowls of straight bran with milk and thats it, a bowl of bran dust with milk, at 12:30 because im so hungry and i am completely penniless, now im eating a peice of holiday bread that is still frozen and its so discusting i just want to vomit 'uuuuuhhh' right into my reflection in this cd-r 'uuuuuuuuhhhh' im house sitting and all the lady had was raisins and i ate them all, and then she had japanese rice tea and i ate it right out of the bag like it was chips i was so hungry, i just ate tea without any water because i was hungry, i cant stand this depressing weather, it makes me so tired i wake up in the morning and then just complain until i go to bed again i just say noooo for 16 hours and be stressed, winter boots weigh to much.
i have to get home at 1 am every night usually from doing something hard and put on boots and walk across town to walk this dog, it takes too long, and today when i went to go inside the dog followed a girl off a bus because she said something stupid like oh hello old girl and he ran into a pile of fries in someones vomit and ate it all
and yesterday at 3 am when i went to walk the dog the dog ran away
then when i got him i went to go back inside and i snapped the key off in the lock
that was really 3 days ago but still what the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit im so depressed and cold at night
i got a glass of water to sooth my cold tortured body and there was some silver stain in it, that was the wrapper of a peice of salmon or something and so it was dark and i was finally settling and begining to feel warm and forgetting my nebula of worries and finally finding some warm human peace, and i drank this water and it was so terrible in my mouth right then, everything thats come out of my mouth in the last 6 days have been the stupidest things, every time i try to make a joke its the dumbest thing i have ever said, yesterday i talked to girl about funny cats for a conversation, and then i thought oh shit this is so stupid i better let her know that im not so dumb up in my mind here comes the surprise switch! and then i ended up talking about funny cats more without making a switch, my whole room smells like moose piss so strong it makes me feel like a garbage person i want to vomit uuuuufffg! its horrrrrrrrid. its horrrrrrrrid
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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Time:1:11 am.
so ive been tracking this lady named ofir who is a singer/dancer and laura and i saw at picadilli one night and she has cd pants and dances like kate bush and can't sing very well and people throw food but shes awesome, and i've been putting together a show of some kind for march, which i think will be a reading show of sorts, preform things youve written, and itll be in the day, saturday, and so i went to the urban music canada free showcase tonight to catch ofir and it was alllllllllllll rappers and ofir, it was crazy! it was also great to have to watch and hour of 1 song each rappers all in a row also i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii got the nintendo working and spend an hour each day playing mario 3 in the morning u uuuu also me and amy got a cheque for 1 g to do some theatre hoooooray! and jamie shannon asked me to come up with show ideas for his puppet show!!!!!! so if i dont twist that into writting for this show regularly i will have plumeted off the country bridge, also we played wavelength and it was ok, and i have decided to apply for the toronto international film festival, anyone who is also interested, preposals due june 10th, film do in august sometime are you a bad enough dude also
i forget ask me in person! theres lots of stuff ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im house sitting, boring , beybyebye
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Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Subject:crazy crap
Time:10:46 am.
there is so much crazy crap here it's fantastic! there is an antique accordian and 25 dinosaurs and a tiger photo wall hang and 15 candelabras and a full dracula, a full space man, a full mega man, 2 full unicorns, 2 full gorilla suits,

between 13-19 we did so much crazy crap and made/bought insane loads of
crazy crap and no books at all,
it's like 40 boxes full of dumb crap
and its amaaaaaaazing
like a huge pile of anime comics mixed with a broken betrice potter set with spray gold all over it mixed with books about the history of armor
theres so much crazy- - -crap yoooyyyyooooyoooooyyyyoooooo 2 video cameras, 2 tvs whowohowohwoooa
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